Snapsort – Sorting in a snap!

If the internet is the great African wilderness where even the great hunters fail, then Snapsort is a MacDonalds right in the middle of it. There is no other website that can summarize so many details and complicated specs into an easy identifiable form that just makes taking decisions easy. Period. I have been using Snapsort for a long time and have made three purchases based on the information provided. Two of them have been DSLRs. If there’s one thing that stands out the most, it’s the speed with which the site loads. Hope the don’t ever change that.

If at all there are things that the site can improve on, then here they are:
1. Improve the prominence of the ‘Just Tell me’ button. I love to click on it, even when I don’t really need it. But I only saw it the fourth time I visited the website!
2. Improve on Facebook functionality by allowing more interaction – instead of just the like feature. Also, I would keep the facebook icons to the right, away from the most important data.
3. Allow for a better main page layout. Even though catering to a large audience is tough, and Snapsort does a fantastic job, there’s no harm in believing it can get better. I would take a page out of ebay or amazon and see how they place their most important information, new deals, etc, in the places where the eye reaches out to first – by using bigger fonts and color.
4. Not that it’s a deal-breaker, but on large monitors, the layout goes haywire, and the fonts, especially the hyper-links, make it a tough read. I use an HD monitor, and tried going to the standard size, and it still could use some improvement.
5. I would love to see some medium format, video and stereo equipment, and film! Shooting on film and scanning it is a great way to save expenses while getting maximum image quality. This would give the hunters a lot more firepower!

Now that I’m done, please allow me to continue searching for my next DSLR! See you in the jungle. To visit Snapsort, just click here!