DVInfo.net: Where it all started

When I first began looking for equipment, and learning what I had to buy in professional video land, one of the first places I landed in was DVInfo.net. Click here to visit the forum.

This forum has discussions on almost every video camera available, and if one is tenacious enough, they can find whatever information they are looking for under the camera system of their choice. If you are new to videography and need solid advice from the best professionals in the business, who are scattered all around the world, I suggest you take a good look at this website and spend some quality time there. Don’t forget to register on their forum, and please sign up for their newsletter to get regular updates.

I have been a regular member there since 2008, and spend some time whenever I can to clear my doubts, keep myself informed on technical advances, and to help out newcomers with their questions, especially if they are related to the JVC proHD series or independent filmmaking.

To Chris and the rest of you guys at DVInfo: Thank you, guys. Appreciate it!

Here’s the link once again: DVInfo.net