Film Photography services in Mumbai

Here’s a quick list of resources to go to for photography in film, either 35mm or medium format:

Equipment and Repairs:
Go to Manish (Madhu) Patil, who is as honest as they come. He sells and repairs used camera equipment of all kinds, and gives you the best price. I would recommend him over buying from an unknown ebay or jjmehta forum member because he gives a warranty on his equipment. If there’s an issue, he’ll fix or replace it.

Contact Details:
346, Standard Building, 1st Floor. D. N. Road, Mumbai-1

More Repair and advice:
Mini Cameras. Deepak and Govind – two experienced camera enthusiasts who will repair anything you give them.

Contact Details:
177, Sultan Manzil, 1st Floor, Bora Bazaar, Fort, Mumbai-1

You can buy 35mm and 120 roll film from anywhere on D. N. Road in the fort area (outside CST), but the professional brands are only consistently available in two stores:

  • Dave Brothers – Shop 9, Oriental Building, 170, M. G. Road, opp Regal Cinema, Mumbai-39 (Adnan at 9769094316)
  • Standard Supply – Image house, 123 Walchand Hirachand Marg, Mumbai-1 (022-22612468)

  • Developing and Printing:
    Idea Creative uses Ilford archival Paper on an Epson 9900 (and another one, but I can’t remember which). They scan on an Epson v700 with or without ICE. They develop negatives, sometimes with Nilesh’s help (Ask Manish Patil for Nilesh’s contact details). They do B&W, C-41 and E-6 processing. Good people.

    Contact Information:
    Opposite Prabhadevi Mandir
    Ramesh – 9594055751

    Another place to develop your rolls is Mazda, in the fort area. But I’ve heard many of the shops who claim to print use Idea Creative and charge more, so beware.