My 35mm film cameras

35mm Film Cameras
Here are my 35mm film cameras:

1. Nikon FM10
2. Yashica Electro GTN
3. Yashica MG-1
4. Canon SM111

I prefer to use primes for the Nikon. I have a 28mm/2.8 and a 50mm/1.8 Nikon to go with the FM10. It’s a fully manual camera which works perfectly.

The greatest issue with the Yashica cameras is that their batteries are no longer available. An adapter is available in the US/UK but it needs to be imported to India, and is not really worth the hassle. These two have become part of my humble antique collection.

The Canon is a weird camera my uncle handed over to me. It has a 35mm lens and a film loader and rewind motorized mechanism, but seems to be a cheap consumer grade camera. Can’t find any info on this anywhere, but I see a lot of Chinese companies offering bulk sales of this for some reason.

35mm Film Cameras

For film, my favorite two films of choice are Kodak Tri-X and Kodak TMax. Unfortunately, they are in short supply in Mumbai, and Tmax is not available anywhere.

Most of the time, I practice on the Nikon with Kodak Ultramax 400 film, which is easily processed at my local lab for Rs. 25. Each print costs Rs. 5, and I get 39 shots off a 36 roll film. For a CD, it costs Rs. 75 but it’s only 72dpi low res, enough for 4×6 but not higher.

UPDATE: 13th May, 2011

Nikon F2AS

Nikon F2AS

One more camera to my collection: A Nikon F2AS – fully manual and built like a tank.