Pepper Comparisons

One of my most favorite photographs:

Edward Weston’s Pepper #30, 1930.

After taking many still life images of peppers with various backgrounds and effects, he finally produced this image by placing the pepper within a tin funnel, and exposing it for 6 minutes. One of the powers of this seemingly simple image is its hypnotic ability to force the eyes to stop and wonder at its beauty. There isn’t any other like it.

It was made with an 8×10 camera and 21mm Zeiss lens, which has a minimum aperture of f/36.

Prints of Pepper #30 and other works are still available from Edward Weston’s website in the price range of $3,000 to $18,000 as of this writing.

Here’s my funny pepper version just before I ate it:

Pepper 01 Sareesh

Not quite the same visual, is it? But I bet it tastes the same!