Nikon lens to Canon EOS Adapter

Nikon to Canon EOS Adapter

Just received two Nikon to Canon lens adapters in the mail. Already connected one to my 50mm 1.8 Nikon and it works like a dream.

Things to note:

1. It was bought from, with free shipping (SKU 15478).
2. Each adapter cost $16.62 only. It’s the cheapest I’ve come across and the finish is good.
3. The small lever that might be used to remove the adapter is flimsy, and I don’t think it will last.
4. It works with the onboard metering. The camera reads the aperture through the lens and estimates the right exposure in manual mode and Av mode. It won’t work in full automatic mode.
5. Manual focus only. The camera focus points are useless.

550D with Nikon 50mm