The Movie Review System Explained

Here’s a breakdown of my movie review system:

The review is divided into three parts:

  • Answer to the question: Should you watch it or not?
      1. Watch it for a better life – The best rating I can give, reserved for works of art that touch the soul.
      2. Watch it in theaters – A movie that must be seen in theaters to best appreciate it.
      3. Watch it on DVD/Blu-ray – Not good enough for theaters, but the DVD/Blu-ray is worth spending on.
      4. Watch it on television – Not worth spending money on, but if you can catch it for free, it might be a good watch.
      5. Don’t watch it – Reserved for movies I have strong opinions against.

    If I find a movie boring or not worth watching, I won’t review it. Of course, I miss a lot of movies so it doesn’t mean anything anyway.

  • In short
      A summary of the review for those who don’t have time to read the entire thing.

  • The full Review
      1. Performances – How’s the acting?
      2. Screenplay – Is it written well?
      3. Camera – How’s the camera work?
      4. Sound – Does the sound work contribute to the film or elevate it?
      5. Music – How well does the music go with the rest of the movie?
      6. Editing – Could it have been cut better?
      7. Direction – How has the leader performed?
      8. Any other departments that need mention.

    Occasionally I’ll write reviews that don’t conform to this system, simply because it’s not worth the effort – either I’m too lazy or the movie doesn’t deserve it.