A Benro Tripod Review

I use a Benro tripod for my Mamiya RB67 and Canon 550D.

Mamiya RB67 on Benro

Tripod Model Number: A3570T
Number of Leg Sections 3
Maximum Diameter 32 mm
Minimum Diameter 24mm
Maximum Height 1735 mm
Mininium Height 275mm
Folded Length 700mm
Weight 2.38kg
Maximum Load 18kg

Mamiya RB67 on Benro Close up

Head Model Number: HD-38 Three-way pan and tilt
Maximum Load : 12 kg
Height : 5.2 in (132 mm)
Width Including Knobs : 5.2 in (132 mm)
Tilt Range : +90°/-45° Front; +90°/-25° Horizontal
Panning Range : 360°
Separate Panning Lock : Yes
Quick Release (QR) Plate : Snap-in
QR Plate – Top Mount Surface : 68mmL x 59mmW
Bubble Level : Yes
Base Mount Thread : 3/8?
Weight : 1 kg

Benro Leg CU

Benro legs

Initial Impressions:

  • The Tripod feels sturdy and strong
  • The head seems sturdy but I’m not too sure. I’ll wait and see.
  • The markings on the head are not correct, and it’s a tough job to get the DSLR vertical. Once vertical, it’s impossible to pan or tilt.
  • Very good value for money. It has features that other manufacturers at this price point don’t have. Features that WORK!
  • However, I think Benro still has a long way to go to impress the pros, since the devil is in the details.