The end of film in sight?

From the latest article at Luminous Landscape by Markus Zuber, one clearly discerns that an 80MP digital back is clearly equal to, if not absolutely superior to, 8×10 film. Read the entire article here.

The widely (and collectively) believed wisdom, as far as resolution is concerned, is:

  • 4/3rds and APS-C sized sensors beat 35mm film and rival every medium format system except 6×7 and above.
  • Full Frame sensors beat 6×7
  • Medium Format Digital backs of around 40MP easily beat 4×5 film
  • The 80MP digital back rivals 8×10 film.

It seems a few more years of development and fine tuning will eliminate the second last argument in support of film, which was resolution. The last great argument, is of course, price. 8×10 is cheaper to acquire and shoot initially. However, in the long run (if you run in years and decades – in short, a career), the costs of 8×10 in time, money and effort far outweighs digital systems. There’s no need to think further, if you have upwards of $40,000 to spend on the 80MP digital back!