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feature films

the impossible murder (2009)

An old lady is killed in a locked room while five witnesses outside hear her scream for help. When the door is broken down, she is lying in a pool of blood with no sign of the killer or the murder weapon. The police, under pressure from the press and public, arrest the maid and she is sentenced for a crime she didn’t commit.

Why would anybody kill a helpless old woman? Even more incredibly, how was the crime committed?

The full feature film has more than 1.6 million views on YouTube. Censor certification: U/A. IMDb Page (Rating 6.7).

short films

man may love (2019)

An experimental romantic short film that explores the ambivalent mental state of a naive playboy who’s confused by the process of falling in love.

With rich symbolic metaphors and immersive sound, each scene takes us deeper into his relationship with a mysterious nurse.

Obviously there’s a chemistry there – but is it real?

Man may love, but will he?

fight night (2018)

A man learns what happens when twins get in the way of a relationship.

the school (2008)

The subjects that should be taught in school, but aren’t. Unfortunately, this short film couldn’t be completed.

theatrics for the troubled mind (2002)

A comedian can’t make people laugh anymore. Can this psychiatrist fix him?

the memory toss (2002)

A lonely American tries to kill himself, but is stopped by a French tourist.

fashion films

fashion film 005 (2019)

fashion film 004 (2019)

fashion film 003: the character (2017)

fashion film 002: analog (2017)

fashion film 001 (2015)


rice mill: experiments in color (2018)

fishermen of veerampattinam (2017)

the old metal workers of chilling (2017)

in situ: when time lapses (2016)

women of superb ladakh (2015)